Internet marketing with a cube

If you are surfing at any traffic exchange you have surely seen adverts for You Cubez. I was also curious about this program and that's the reason i purchased my own cube. Here are my opinions about You Cubez after one month of being a proud owner of a cube.
Even some people found it little bit confusing in the beginning practically the whole program is quite simple. To advertise your referral link, web site or blog you need to buy a cube. A cube is essentially an ad. You can buy cube for 1 GBP Great Britain Pound (the only currency this site use) or much better to buy existing cube from other members. I strongly suggest you if you decide to buy a cube to buy it from another members because later it will save a lot of your time and you will get much better deal. With small investment of few GBP you will jump in one of the first pages since your cube will be placed according to value.
The higher the value of your cube = the higher it's position = more clicks!
When you already own a cube you can increase it value on few different ways: by looking other members cubes, playing games, referring other people, completing offers etc.
You can also make money on You Cubez by clicking cash cubes or selling your cube(s). Even some people are doing very well i decided not to sell my cube because i am very satisfied with results i m receiving. I have decided to promote this blog with my cube and in first tree weeks i have received more then 500 visitors on my blog. I will write again (very soon) about new results because i have decided to investigate this site for longer time because i recognize the great potential of this program and i m surfing almost every day to increase value of my cube.
If you still don't own the cube and you are at least a little bit serious in Internet advertising, I friendly suggest you to buy a cube and to try it. I guarantee you will like it and that you will have results. By my opinion with investment of app. 4-5 GBP you will have a lot of visitors to your link.
Of course premium members have nice privilege and they can improve their cube rating and position much faster.


By my opinion You Cubez is amazing advertising program. With very small investment you can achieve great result in promoting your referral link,site,blog etc. It is very creative program with different concept that works very good. Beside it have great reputation on web as 100% trustful so if you decide to make money you will be paid for sure.


No doubt that You Cubez deserve best possible mark - 5 stars. One of the best for sure.