Hit Bandit

Posted by Traffic Places | 6:29 AM

Hit Bandit was one of the first traffic exchange sites I ever joined. There is no some special reason about, it just happened like that. Today, almost one year later, I'm still surfing there. Probably it's because I become very familiar with that site but also because I had (and still have) very good results in promoting my URL's on HitBandit. In this moment this traffic exchange have nearly 11 000 members.
Let me show you first what they are offering to members and also to explain you my strategy on HitBandit.

-As a free member You can advertise up to 5 sites, 5 banners, and 5 text ads.
-BonusDays! Get 20% extra bonus when surfing on Monday and Thursday!
-Win extra credits when you play the Bandit. This is nice.Every 15-20 sites You will have chance to win some credits by playing game. If You are very lucky You can also win monthly jackpot of TEN THOUSAND credits.
-Earn real cash while surfing. You need to answer the surfing check question correctly. It s good thing on HitBandit because surfing check ensures that link which You are promoting is not only seen but also noticed. Payout minimum is 10$ and You will need a lot of time to reach it. Instead I suggest You to use this cash on credit exchange and to buy very cheap traffic from other members. Usually, You can get app. 1000 credits for only 0.1$ I like this possibility very much and I use my cash on HitBandit only that way.
-Messaging: read messages for cash or credits, send messages to other members. Probably this is the main reason i m using HitBandit so long. I have great results using this possibility. You can spend your credits to send messages to other surfers, promoting your link. This is really powerful tool.

Basically, this is my strategy on HitBandit. You surf for cash (after first 20-25 pages you will get 0.005$ and later 0.01$ after every 40-60 pages) More or less in few days (only 20-30 minutes surfing per day) You will have enough on Your account to buy at least 1000 credits from other members. You can use this credits by submitting your link in rotator or even better by messaging other members. I usually offer in this messages something for free (like promoting traffic exchange that gives free credits for joining, etc) and i have great results.
That way you will save a lot of time.

I will not say that this is the best traffic exchange on web but it's very OK. If you try using it on the way I just described, I m almost sure You will get good results. Give a try and You will also get 50 credits gift for joining HitBandit.

Mark - 3 stars and little bit more (more then good)