Dear Friends,
I am sure that you already know how frustrating can be to work a lot and to have unsuccessful referral campaign at the same time. Sometimes you can spend tens of thousands credits without referring a single person. Here are few small tips that will hopefully help you to find referrals for your favorite programs.
So, where and how to find referrals?
One good place to search for active referrals are forums. Forums are good places because you will find people who have same interest: to find referrals for their own programs. It means that referrals will be reciprocal - "i join your site you join mine" and you stay active as long as another person is active. If you are not looking for referrals for most popular sites like Neobux, Clixsense etc. you will easily find referrals for your programs. One good forum that can help you is eMoneySpace and I friendly suggest you to join this great community and give a try.

Another good place can be , a program that allows you to build a free downline in your existing programs. Basically system is simple: you earn by signing up to programs or clicking ads and with those points you are paying members to join your programs. It s good place and it's working. If member is not active you can terminate contract and points will be given back to you.  Another good option is to use credits to advertize your links. This can be really powerful if you have something good to offer.
Definitely, DownlineRefs is good suggestion for everyone who is looking for active referrals.
As you can see on banner bellow it brings me nearly 600 referrals for numerous programs :)

Good luck and happy surfing