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And now, something completely different.
Ok, maybe not completely different but certainly something special.
Ladies and Gentleman His Highness:
Splash King Surfer!
I will start this review by saying Hello to our friend George and of course:
THANKS for sponsoring The Clickers Team.
Now, when I say completely different…
As you probably realize, I am member of many traffic exchanges.
When I am preparing new article I am always trying to underline something that is unique for that particular traffic exchange. Unfortunately most of traffic exchanges doesn’t have anything new or different to offer. More or less they are all the same. Sometimes even small details can make huge difference and this is case with
Splash King Surfer.
I can say that personally I am fan of traffic exchanges chats. I met some great online friends on chats and got more than few referrals for my programs lol. Of course, as a ”chatoholic” I like to use smiles :)
Maybe you will be surprised that I am starting my review about traffic exchange with revision of smilies but I must say that Splash King Surfer have best collection of smilies in the world of traffic exchanges. For someone maybe not big deal but for me as a passionate surfer is. Yes, I have my favorite one too :)
Now, when you are there and you are checking smilies I told you about, consider to give your clicks some adrenaline because surf prizes are more than generous. I would specially point on Saturdays and Sundays. All day prize pages in rotation and they are just amazing $0.25, $0.50, $1.
Just to explain you, it’s not 1 or 2 times $1 prize. We speak about King here so prizes are appropriate. There is many prize pages in rotation and if you are serious surfer you will collect few of them for sure.
I personally made over 5$ for one Saturday afternoon when surfing this great traffic exchange. If you know any similar with such potential earnings please let me know because I want to join.
On the top of this, George is himself passionate surfer, he have nice group of friends and experienced surfers there and you can learn a lot from them.
Of course, do I need to say that you must check your affiliate toolbox. I just know that you will be under strong impression. There is an exhibition of great splash pages made by King and Queen personally. Yes, trust me; you want to check these splash master pieces.
So, by my opinion there is at least 5 good reason to join Splash King Surfer
1.Probably best smilies around
2.Probably one the best surf for cash around
3.Probably one of best splash pages collection around
4.Absolutely great and professional support
5.More than reasonable upgrade prices. Especially comparing with what you can earn just by surfing.
Notice that upgrade will give you faster timer so you will be able to collect much faster daily surfer bonus of $0.1 for 750 pages surfed or $0.15 for 1000.
If all that is not enough to convince you, SplasKing prepares 500 credits welcome bonus for you and if you are member of
The Clickers Team, they prepare some extra points for you and respectful amount of points if you upgrade on Splash King Surfer.
Combine this 2 and you will be double winner!
Ok, time to finish.
I share this, the rest is up to you.
You decide will you fill pockets with money till you surf great traffic exchange.
Happy clicking, surfing and money collecting

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  1. Jon Weberg August 16, 2012 at 11:07 AM  

    Hey, I read a couple of your posts and would just like to say nice job. Seems like you are on the right track. Though I am in a couple of the traffic exchanges you are in, I have not heard of several others. I have a blog of my own here at blogger and would like to contact you but I am not sure where to do so.

    Sincerely hoping for your success,
    Jon Weberg

  2. freetrafficplaces November 6, 2012 at 3:02 PM  

    Hi Jon,
    sorry for late reply, I am very bust with The Clickers Team and unfortunately not so much time to work on this blog as I would like to do. I would like to stay in touch with you, so leave me a note when you can. Best Regards